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Industry groups

  • Construction


    For many years Blakley Electrics have been the UK market leader in the supply of power distribution equipment and lighting systems for use on construction and civil engineering projects.

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  • Industrial Building Services

    Industrial Building Services

    We produce a wide range of specialist standard products for the Building Services sector, which are targeted at industrial projects usually where there is a requirement for a high IP rating or robust enclosure construction. We produce products for 110V, 230V and 400V applications. Many standard products are held in stock at our Customer Service Centres and other products are made to order.

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  • Events


    Blakley Electrics Event products are designed to address the key industry requirements of providing very high levels of electrical protection coupled with rapid installation times and safe, easy handling between venues.

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  • Rail


    Blakley Electrics rail products have been used for many years by both over and under ground rail services. We have products designed for use in many rail locations including: stations; along the trackside; within tunnels and in depots / maintenance sheds. We design products that are project specific but we also have repeat products that are supplied on a very regular basis.

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  • Military


    Blakley Electrics provides products for all of the armed services including: 50Hz, 400Hz and DC power supplies for Aircraft Hangars; Dockside Service Units and Ship to Shore supplies within Naval Dockyards; Temporary 110V Lighting and Temporary Power Equipment at  28V DC, 110V AC, 230V AC and 400V AC for Tier 1 and 2 Army camps; fixed, high current power distribution equipment for Tier 3 Army camps.

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  • Education


    Blakley Electrics Safe Supply Units (SSUs) have long been specified for use in school laboratories, where the close proximity of water and electricity present a major electrical hazard. 

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  • Nuclear


    Blakley Electrics have supplied standard and bespoke products for use on Nuclear sites across the UK for many years. Where applicable, products comply with the latest Sellafield specifications and all products provide the high performance demanded by British Nuclear sites.

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Project highlights

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Stainless Steel Dockside Distribution Equipment

When ships, off-shore rigs and other vessels are first constructed or are in dock for refit, there is usually a significant requirement for temporary power. A wide range of activities may need to be carried out in and around the vessel or structure, such as welding, stress relieving, pumping, drying, lighting, painting, grinding, etc., which require 400V, 230V and 110V supplies to be readily available.

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Generator Interface Unit

During the initial stages of many construction projects, mains power is not available and generators are needed to supply the site for periods of months and sometimes years.

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GRP Cubicle for a Trackside Location, Double-sided and Equipped

We have recently been involved in a rail project where a single outdoor cubicle was required to house (i) a DNO service head and (ii) switchgear to supply points heating equipment, supplied from the DNO side of the cubicle. Although most cubicles that we manufacture are fabricated from steel or stainless steel, the requirement on this occasion was for the enclosure to be made from GRP, which we are also able to supply.

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Assemblies Incorporating 500A and 800A Single Pole Connectors

When a stand-by generator or a piece of heavy plant needs to be connected in a hurry, the use of very large, multicore, flexible cables fitted with multipin connectors is often impractical due to the weight and bending radius of the cable and the size of the connectors.

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